Truck only Autocross

So you think you  can drive  a truck ! Take the challenge and compete with the big boys in the truck only autocross challenge. Objective is to get through the obstacles as fast as you can with hitting any of the cones.

Speed & Stop Challenge

Stop on a dime and make change!!! No problem. Objective is to get your truck up and back and slide it smoothly into the stop box.

Drivability Cruise 

There is nothing like taking a cruise with your truck and some friends. Objective, cruise your truck up and back on public highways to show everyone that your truck can go and show! 

Truck Show

Don't feel the need for speed, come show off your  custom truck in the PTTS "Truck Show". Your ticket will get you front and center at the event.

PTTS "Drag Racing"

You want to see how your truck does on a the Drag Strip? Sign up for "DS" and open it up!


Dinner Tickets Available Click on the pic and go to Racers!!!

After a long day of racing and hanging out at the Truck Show, Come Join us after the Drivability cruise to the National Corvette Museum for Dinner. Ticket includes after hour access to the corvette museum. Tickets only $25.00 

Click Here!