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PTTS - Truck only Autocross

So, you think you can drive a truck! Can you drive it fast through a sea of cones who are trying to kill you? Please only the best in the country need to apply! Take the challenge and compete with the big boys in the truck only autocross challenge. Objective is to get through the obstacles as fast as you can with hitting any of the cones.

Speed & Stop Challenge

Stop on a dime and make change!!! No problem. Objective is to get your truck up and back and slide it smoothly into the stop box. Did we mention that we added barrels! 

Drivability Cruise 

There is nothing like taking a cruise with your truck and some friends. Objective, is to prove that a "Pro Touring" truck can race and tour on public highways.

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PTTS "Drag Racing"

So you think your truck is the fastest? Line it up and see if you can compete against the fastest trucks at PTTS 2023! Drag classes will be based off of ET's. Gas against gas, gas against diesel and diesel against diesel. Sign up for "DS" and see what you got!

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PTTS "Truck Drifting"

That's right!!!  We added "TD" class to PTTS 2023. We feel that drifting is a skill that needs to be mastered by those who have total control over their truck or do they?

Truck & Car Show

Don't feel the need for speed, come show off your  custom truck or car at the PTTS "Truck and car Show". Your ticket will get you front and center at the event and includes 3 passes down the drag strip.

Spectator info

The more the merrier, Spectators are welcomed and are guaranteed to have a great time. Come checkout all the Pro Touring Truck action! Building your own truck and need some help? Take a stroll down vendor alley and pick up some new parts for your build. Spectators are free parking will be $10.00 the day of the event. Don't forget to grab an event T-shirt. See you there!


Party Tickets Available
Click on the pic and go to Racers!!!

After a long day of racing and competing, it's time to party!!! Party is after the cruise at Beech Bend. Tickets $25.00 

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