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                                    Pro-Touring Truck Shootout has 5 truck classes.




                  " MC-Class "       

                  "T-1 Class"       

                  "T-2 Class"       

                 "N-1 Class"



  Run-what-you-brung style of truck. Unlimited tread-wear rated tires. Unlimited horsepower. After market stock replacement frame allowed. Truck must have a legal vin number and be tagged and insured for the event. Home built chassis allowed after tech inspection approval. Full cage incorporated into then frame and suspension is allowed. Unlimited aero package allowed. Weight restriction of 3000lb min. 5-point harness and helmets required in this class. Height adjustable suspension allowed. This class is for both 2WD and 4WD Trucks.




MC-Class: (Manufactures class)

        This class is for manufactures /companies that currently build truck parts and want to prove them at the event. This class allows any owner of the truck and any registered driver of the event to compete in this class regardless of who owns the truck. As a separate entry, the truck can also be entered in any of the other classes but, must adhere to that class rules. The truck must be sponsored/ entry paid for by the product company. Horsepower max of 700 allowed. This class requires a minimum of 200 tread wear rated tires. Suspension and weight rules are the same as "T1"Class. The truck will have both the "MC" stickers and its 2nd class stickers displayed on the truck in order to compete in both classes. This means that drivers can be exchanged out when their class is called to compete. Changes to the truck to adhere to the rules of the class during the event are allowed. Manufactures parts logos and decals on the side of the truck are required!!!! A minimum of a 4-point harness and helmet is required. This class is for both 2WD and 4WD Trucks.


T-1 Class:

(Touring-1) This class has a Minimum of 200 tread wear rated tires. Stock frame with unlimited suspension modifications allowed. After market stock replacement frame allowed. Use of aftermarket IFS and rear suspension kits on the OE rails allowed. 60% of OE rail must remain (by length of OE chassis) Dropmember, step notch, coil-overs, custom builds are allowed. Firewall set back allowed. Height adjustable suspension allowed. Motor swap allowed. Horsepower max of 700 allowed. Weight restriction for all trucks 3200lbs min in this class, Home built frame allowed in this class after tech inspection. In-cab cage and harness bar allowed, full cage connected to frame rails allowed. Aero allowed. OE wheelbase required. A minimum of a 4-point harness and helmet required. This class is for both 2WD and 4WD Trucks.


T-2 Class:

(Touring-2) This class has a Minimum of 200 tread wear rated tires. Stock frame with stock front crossmember allowed. Can have C-Notch or raised rear frame section. OE front crossmember can be raised. Must use OE front suspension geometry mounting points. Coil overs allowed. Airbags, shockwaves and height adjustable suspension allowed. Custom built suspension components that are based on OE geometry allowed. No firewall mods in this class. In-cab cage and harness bar allowed, no full cage as a chassis stiffener allowed (bumps you to T-1 class). Motor swap allowed. Horsepower max of 450 allowed. Weight requirements for all trucks in this class is 3400lbs min. No aero in this class. No home-built frame allowed in this class. This class is for both 2WD and 4WD Trucks.


N-1 Class:

(Novice-1) This Class has a Minimum of 200 treadwear rated tires. Stock frame, stock motor, horsepower max of 350. Headers, intake, exhaust allowed, minimal suspension modifications; example-dropped spindles, springs, c-notch and flip kit and I-beams. All components must use original EO geometry mounting holes locations. Swapped gears and brakes that bolt on to the OE geometry mounting points allowed. Minimum of factory seatbelt is needed in this class. No cages in this class required, harness bar is allowed. Weight restrictions are 3400lbs min. No aero allowed in this class. This class is for both 2WD and 4WD Trucks.

Auto-cross rules:  In order to compete you must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid DL. You must also have proof of insurance on the truck that it being raced. Racers will wait their turn to compete in the auto cross in the grid section not in their pits. Start line will have a safety officer show you the beginning of the auto cross, once the auto cross is complete racer will exit course and return to either grid or pits.


Horsepower documentation is based on honesty of owner/operator due to no dyno at the track. Weight calculations based on honesty of owner/operator, but top three in each class will be weighed! If the tech department ask you something about your truck and you give them false information, a move in class or a penalty will be applied. Kumho tires are prohibited in T-1, T-2 and N-1. They are allowed in the “Outlaw” and "MC".


All Trucks in the Autocross competition and Speed-n-Stop challenge must have a manufacturers vin number and be street legal. All trucks competing in this event will be driven by owner and operator of the truck. All trucks must be owed by driver for a minimum of 120 days. No dual driving at this event. No hired guns or pro driver substitutes allowed unless in "MC". Tires can be exchanged in all classes if truck has had a catastrophic failure and safety reasons arise.


Because one of the challenges is the “Drivability Cruise”, the “Pro Outlaw” class can exchange their tires for DOT tires. All trucks competing in the Autocross and “Speed-n-Stop” challenge must participate in the drivability cruise. If the truck is not able to make the “Drivability Cruise” it will be disqualified from the competition.


“Speed-N-Stop Challenge” Exactly what it means, there will be a start gate, A cone to turn a round at and then back through the stop gate where your truck must come to a complete stop. Shortest amount of time to complete the challenge is the winner in the respective classes.


Tech inspection:

All trucks participating in the Pro Touring Truck Shootout must go through "Tech Inspection". Tech inspectors will have final say on whether your truck is allowed to compete in the event. Tech inspectors and timing officials have the right to place your truck in a different class to insure “Honest Competition”.

"Ultimate Truck"

The “Ultimate Truck” Award. Is our search for the ultimate truck that can do everything. We figured we give manufacturers and the public the chance to build the "Ultimate Tuck". The requirements of this truck is to place in any of the 5 Autocross classes, complete the “Drivability Cruise”, Stop in the "Speed & Stop Challenge and finally get the fastest trap times in the "Drag Race" event! If you think you can build this truck, join us at the “Pro-Touring Truck Shootout!


The idea of the “Pro-Touring Truck Shootout” is for us to compete and have fun with our Pro-Touring trucks and to show the public the potential of what these trucks can really do. PTTS is open to both domestic and import trucks. Please come to this event knowing that we want everyone to be safe and have fun!

How it works!


Practice sessions:

    Entrants will be divided into 2 run groups (Red and Green) Starting at 8:15 AM groups will run in 1 hour rotations i.e. Red Group 8:15 to 9:15, Green from 9:15 to 10:15, Red from 10:15 to 11:15 etc. Each run group will get (3) 1-hour sessions and can expect 5-6 or more runs per session. Multiple trucks will be on the course at the same time to maximize run times. Your practice sessions will show times but will not be recorded or count towards your class points.


Once practice sessions are over for both run groups, the shootout “Class Elimination Rounds” will begin. Trucks will run in the Shoutout Elimination rounds per class, (Outlaw, Manufactures class, T1, T2 and Novice)


How to I earn points?


Points system is as follows per each truck class: 1st place 100 points, 2nd place 99 points, 3rd place 98 points…etc. Points will be earned in all three segments of the event (Auto cross, Drivability Cruise and Speed-n-Stop Challenge). A maximum of 100 points can be earned per class, per segment of the event with the Drivability being a 0 or 100 based on completion. For the Autocross and Speed-n-Stop shootout your times in the round that you are eliminated will set your finishing order for that segment. (Example, you are eliminated in the round of 16 remaining drivers, 8 drivers advance to the quarter finals, and the 8 losing drivers will be awarded 9th – 16th based on the lap time ran in that round of 16.)


Getting paired:


Pairing will be Street Outlaws style where you draw chips to see who you are racing in that round with the truck running the fastest lap advancing to the next round. Each round will be a new draw all the way to the Finals.


In case of a Class tie at the end of the event:


In case of a situation where we encounter a tie at the end of competition on Saturday. A runoff race in the Speed -n-Stop challenge will take place to determine the winner of that class.


"Ultimate Truck" Winner:


For those who are also running in the Ultimate Truck competition, you will have to run in the drag racing segment of the event. All Ultimate Truck Entrants will receive points based on ET, with the fastest Truck receiving 100 points, 2nd fastest 99 etc. Your Drag racing points will then be added to your class points to determine the winner of the “Ultimate Truck” challenge.  In the event of an Ultimate Truck Tie, the tie breaker will be the truck with the fastest ET on the Drag Strip.

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