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        Jimmy Bullard - PTTS2021 "West"
      "Outlaw" Class Champion!

       Mike  Williams - PTTS2021 "West" 
                 "T-1" Class winner!

    Ross Logsdon - PTTS2021"West""                   T-2" Class winner!


Dana Bergsten-PTTS2021 "West"
                  "N-1" Class winner!


Registration is open!!!

Exciting news!!!  Ganrud Performance Parts presents The 2nd annual "Pro-Touring Truck Shootout "PTTS 2021 EAST" will be held in Bowling Green ,KY at the iconic Beech Bend Raceway Park on November 12-13 2021. What is (#PTTS2021EAST)? It is the worlds first TRUE Pro-Touring truck competition against the top 3 American truck brands; Chevy, Ford & Dodge. Come watch these Pro Touring trucks battle it out on the pavement to see who really has the baddest Truck around!  PTTS will be have "Live coverage" by CK Magazine!


The competition consist of 3 segments- "Autocross", "Speed-&-Stop Challenge", and "Drivability Cruise". Because we are having the event at Beech Bend Raceway, we are adding an optional "Drag Race"  segment to the event. The Shootout now has 5 classes Outlaw, Manufactures Class (MC), T1, T2 and Novice. New for this year is the "Manufactures Class", If your company makes parts for trucks this is the class for you!  Anybody can own the truck and anybody can drive the truck in the "MC" class. 

please refer to the "Rules" page on the website for more details about the "MC" class.


We love all trucks, PTTS also has a huge "Truck Show"  area so fans can bring out the show trucks and support their favorite brand of truck as they watch the competition. Think your show truck is awesome?  Park it in the "Truck Show" and see if your fellow competitors vote for your truck.


Need parts for your truck? Take a stroll and check out the latest and greatest performance products in "Vendor Alley". PTTS has searched and invited the best vendors in the truck world to bring and show off there parts at the "Shootout".


We are also challenging all truck "Builders to build the  "Ultimate Truck". This truck must place in any of our 5 autocross classes, complete the "Drivability Cruise", stop in the "Speed & Stop Challenge", lay-frame in our "Truck Show" and finally get fastest trap numbers on the "Drag Strip. Jimmy Bullard and the team from MRC Fabrication currently hold this title in the EAST and in the West. Come Join us For our 3rd event and see if you and your truck has what it takes!!!


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Pro-Touring Truck Shootout

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